Is there any additional driver SW from Agilent that you need to install to get the device to be recognized correctly? Figure 12 Combined Front Panel Display. Modify your design by putting WHILE loops around the functions we wish to operate continuously and the virtual instrument that operates the function as seen in Figure The supported model numbers are: This block diagram also demonstrates the complexity of the advanced designs used to control test instruments. Have one student look at the second hand of a clock and call out start and then 10 seconds later call out stop.

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Automate Power Generation From a Keysight E363X Power Supply Using LabVIEW NXG

agilebt This Front Panel seen in Figure 8 has a block diagram seen in Figure 9 that controls the agikent for the test instrument and should be viewed by the student. You can download the parser and its associated SDK from: Message 8 of A very good method for getting an estimate for how fast your instrument samples is to count how often the asterisk in the display on the bench is flashing. This block diagram also demonstrates the complexity of the advanced designs used to control test instruments.


In order to further test the DMM, you should connect the power supply to the DMM using the banana jack to alligator clips. You can add the ability to enable tracking. Go back to your design and verify the VISA addresses are correct for each group of controls.

Place the controls and indicators for the second ‘Read Output’ function on the front panel. See the section on installation in this document for information on what other software is required by this driver. Figure 11 is what you should have at this point:.

What I did was the following: Rename it Tracking Channel. If you have connected or intend to connect a voltage source to the DMM it will display the voltage value read in the black window in green numbers on the DMM and at the same time display the same value in the Measurement box of the DMM 3631x. These three strings are values of properties in the IIviIdentity interface.

First open the Block Diagram of the VI for the blank design and expand it to full screen.

Back to Top 4. The instrument is then detected.

E3631A – Want display to show voltage/current in realtime

Click the Agilent EX project to create a new copy. I unzipped the folder, and opened the examples, but I keep getting errors.


PXI Programmable Power Supplies and Precision Sources PXI programmable power supplies and precision sources offer high-resolution, high-speed, and high-power voltage and current outputs for automated test systems or lab environments in a single PXI slot. Copying one VI into another VI.

Agilent | Agilent E36xx IVI-COM Driver

When the front panel window opens, name and save the VI in a location you can access again. Back to Top 7. Agillent a second Read Output function allows you to view and verify that the second channel is tracking the first. Change the value of the constant to True.

Press that and observe how your design behaves. Department of Electrical Engineering and Technology.

Solved: Agilent EA – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Message 1 of Create a control on this Read Output. Message 9 of Another student is looking at the display and starts counting the flashes for the duration of the timing test.

All supported models will have a GPIB and serial port. Figure 12 Combined Front Panel Display.

Message 3 of