Contents [ show ]. Honestly, though, Neiros doesn’t exactly seem like the best ace, so I’m guessing it’ll be heavily focused on strides. Status of Ancient Dragons self. Ancient Dragon, Tyrannobite x4. They were first introduced in Booster Set

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It is fun to keep using commando’s skill every turn.


It has been inferred that they awakened from their long slumber from the effect of the pollution to the air and land as a process of ” Link Joker ‘s” invasion of Cray. Shadow Paladin clan leader. What exactly didn’t go well with it?

At the same time, their Vanguard can frequently very high Power with extra Criticals almost every turn. Unknown 20 September at Destruction Tyrant, Gradogigant x1. Absolute Ruler, Gluttony Dogma x4. Featured Post Cardfight Vanguard Decklist by Clan and others News Hey Guys, since I have an issue with the appareance of the blog, it can be very difficult to fing the newest post I made, Super Ancient Dragon, Pearly Titan x4. I mean, it searches for stride fodder to thin the deck, and it makes Madew even more consistent.

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As for specific packages to customize the deck: Ancient Dragon, Nodotank x2. Sign In Don’t have an account? Also combos really well with Hypnohang on any non-Dogma turn.

By rushing instead, they can hyper play earlier, resulting in a ton of damage going straight into your opponent’s face while they get to do Here Cardfight Vanguard Products Page: Please do not straight out use this deck, but use it as a base to start and spread out and make your own Version. They specialize on doing this during the Battle Phase in order to perform additional attacks, as the “revived” rearguards will be placed in Stand position.

Harassment, griefing, verbal abuse, or witch-hunting of any kind will be met with immediate disciplinary action. No Selling or Trading Posts are to be made on this Sub. Ancient Dragon, Spinocommando x4 LB4. Almost any version of Ancient Dragons these days will be running at least a few Spino G3s.

I personally have an AD Ancient Dragon deck. Can set up for first stride ‘PG or die’ Pearly Titan. That would help a lot, since as always, I’m a lazy person: Ancient Dragons are the “bomb”.


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Originally Posted by Fury of the Tempes. Here Cardfight Wikia Clans: Dark Rex doesn’t trigger any of the skills in the deck, so there’s slino way to recover any of the units.

The time now is Well, the Witch deck could be budget, as Mint’s the only thing that’s really expensive. Originally Posted by CrazyCat Dark Rex doesn’t trigger any of the skills in the deck, so there’s no way to recover any of the units.

Ancient Dragon, Spinocommando | Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Iron Armor Chancellor, Dimor Phalanx x3. What do you run instead of Skyptero? They were first introduced in Booster Set