By chance do you have a iec channel in your capture page in alsamixer. Asus M3NVM digital audio problems 0 0. I’ve observed that if speaker-test doesn’t work, often aplay will work and then from then on sound works fine everywhere. Yeah I saw the alsa defect and comments about the toslink. Same if I put “default” instead of iec When I run, speaker-test -c6 -twav I get, 0 – Front Left I’m feeling a bit deflated at the moment, having bought all the bits to build this system, including choosing this mobo specifically for SPDIF.

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View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. ASUS and their horrible drivers.

I installed Windows 7 and almost everything works except for the sound. I tried a couple times, same results. Well That all looks fine, for the heck of it have you tried starting a file and then going into alsamixer while the file m3n78-vn playing and play with some settings.

Asus M3NVM digital audio problems

If you use the alsa upgrade script found on the guides in this site you should only have to spec -di to the command line. In the meantime I’ve hooked up 6-channel analog, and apart from the house looking like it got burgled as assu result of digging through cupboards trying to find enough 3. Hopefully that will get sorted out at some point if the hardware is capable. This utility saves users the cost and hassle of buying a replacement BIOS chip. Other people report having 3. I am sure mine ran on the optical output from the header without the digital being displayed in aplay.


If not try by explicitly defining the iec device. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. I’ve done a bit more testing and can’t say I’ve made much progress. Uadio “asoundconf set-default-card SB” in my case.

I specifically talked to faberfox on IRC who said he had it working. Otherwise nothing will detect the inactive audio chip.

If that doesn’t m3n788-vm then download a 5 channel wav file and use “aplay XYZ. I do think it is significant but really the output off the header I think is controlled by the southbridge chip and the output on the backplane is controlled by the VIA codec. Hi same problem here.

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This is the struct I am talking about, and this in your files supplied above. In terms of receiver side setup, I’m pretty sure it’s fine. Realtek Audio Driver V6. I’ve observed that if speaker-test doesn’t work, often aplay will work and then from then on sound works fine everywhere.

Recent Drivers  THOMSON TCM425 DRIVER

For my board some fixes were made relating to sound being able to be used over the HDMI channel. Allow W7 to install its drivers via Windows Update. Without this I can’t imagine how to get passthrough to work from xbmc. XBMC settings I don’t really know what to do here. Find More Posts by k r a m e r.

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About Us Contact Us Privacy. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. This is the information you see when selecting the OS and Vista Find More Posts by Night Hawk.

If I do, I just get “Unable to initialize audio device” when I play anything which would normally be passed through.

Technology, which monitors system operation and automatically adjusts CPU voltage and frequency for a cool and quiet environment. I’m going to do some more testing later and will report back.