It can be a way greater effort to get rid of them if Windows thinks “The best driver software for your device is already installed” by the wrong assumption matching ID’s would ensure compatibility. Click the “Configure” button and open “Speaker Setup”. Tuesday, June 16, 9: A very knowlegeable poster at AVSforum. One thing you referred to Upon rebooting, it automatically installs the Windows software driver again and I get a message “Driver Software Installed Successfully.

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It’s device status says: We therefore pressed Chen to clear up the speculation. But renethx on another thread where he linked to the one I linked above did specifically ahdio the chipset as one having this problem. And if you don’t have a spare, unshared slot, either toss the card or toss your motherboard and get something better and more modern.

Tuesday, June 16, 9: We’re sorry you are having issues with aueio sound.

[ubuntu] HDMI audio on ATI Radeon HD with free drivers?

The proposed plan is that the hardware AES engine that does the decryption would be in the codec chip. This agi install the ATI Audio driver. YOU are the real mvp. It’s a friends old PC.


Palit ATI Radeon HD4670,sound over DVI?

JJTech, I don’t think that’s it. Maybe try googling around and see if anyone else has it working?

I found this guide but when I set Driver “radeonhd” i get a not-found error. Having said that, Microsoft is eager to work with manufacturers of codec chips to plan for hv future. However, there are two easy workarounds: Audlo tried both ways I was doing a clean install of Windows 7, and I decided to try each way since it didn’t take that much timeand they both work fine.

I am in a similar position.

Question About HDMI AUDIO on ATI Radeon 4670 And Sony Bravia LCD and amp

This was widely expected. I’ll try to check back on this thread from time to time as well. Many on the forums say start with radwon older driver version and install forward except for the HDMI audio driver. I know the radeonhd and radeon open source drivers added hdmi support some time ago.

I have turned off virtually everything on the motherboard. Aug 10, at It is not working for me yet, but the answer must be in this direction…. So try not changing the “Driver”-line in your xorg. akdio


No Sound over HDMI | Community

Joined Sep 12, Messages 3, It seems to be common among people with the ATI radeon cards that have onboard HD audio and are trying to use them in circa motherboards.

I tried all the driver versions.

Hy Same problem here i think. Does anyone have their HDMI audio working after upgrading to 9.

Catalyst do not detect the Sony amp like it did. As well as I have tried enabling it and it makes no difference in terms of resolving the Code 12 for the Audio component of the Radeo Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility.

A bit card clocked slightly slower might have been a good idea, or a bit one with SPs. I still have a red X over my speaker icon in the task tray.