Another thing it could be is you have a loose connection somewhere so I recommend soldering each connection in the circuit together so you know good contact is being made. Thanks for your schematic, its very simple to build, but you should put that 1K resistor to avoid destroy the NE Hi Mads, Dylan, Many thanks for your advice and recommendations. October 8, at No audio modulation is applied yet. This one to be exact:

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Hi Capgi Thank you for the feedback, if you would like to, please write about your project and show it on http: Contact If you need assistance, please send an email to forum at 4hv dot org.

Hi, after some modifications got it to work on my modualted aircoil. I would not omit the zener diodes, there can still be switching spikes which are voltage transients that are high enough voltage and have enough energy to damage the gate of the MOSFET. I can do experiments with an arc!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hey Shelby A ignition coil would work, not from personal experience, but from what I have heard. December 28, at The MOSFET looks fine for this project, but remember that difference between timers from difference companies is their modilated current ability.

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I know the flyback is ok because I scavenged it from flat screen color TV and tested it with a modified ballast I made. It made a big difference, much hotter, thicker and longer arcs. Duty cycle is September 4, at Yesterday I bought broken Chinese power supply pc psu for 1.

Would you like to tell me what to describe in more details? My timer chips seem to get fried quite easily. January 19, at A car ignition coil us made with a iron core and might just saturate at the high frequency this circuit runs at with the usual omdulated values.

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Finally let the assembly to cool down and install it to the core, there you have a nice winded transformer. I looked for other ways to build an solid state interrupter even one for a Tesla coil would work I believe and researched ways mixers work and looked at how other people solved that problem.

You can hear the music, but mkdulated cannot understand a thing.

D you will scream: Ok i was wondering is it the amperage or the mosfet that gets you the silent arc? The kind of arc is quite different between the 2N inverter and the Mazilli ones. You should replace that with some metallized polypropylene capacitors.

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Hello Ricardo I can understand from your parts in question that you want to run at higher voltages, it can be done but you might run into some practical problems likeā€¦ auddio If you kodulated the circuit from a variable power supply, you will initially draw too much current at low voltage and your components might not be able to handle that.

Near the battery is a inductor i want to use for the driver, will it work? You need to raise your voltage to over 20VDC to get reliable operation if you use the same source for gates and power.

I have heat sinked the mosfet but not the timer chip. Any help would be amazing.

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

July 10, at Im really having a hard time tracking down a Flyback that will work. I have built this circuit and once got auido good arc but cant seem To repoduce it again. November 22, at