Microsoft has its own opinion on the “right” sound in Vista. Another advantage of this card versus the m is its built-in preamp for headphones. High noise is registered not only in the test with the E-MUm, but also with the E-MUm and the Lynx Aurora8 – the latter have external power supply. However, enabling this option does not always guarantee that you’ll have no cut. This card is a high quality top product from Audiotrak. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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AUDIOTRAK Prodigy Hd2 Black Edition PCI Sound Card 2ch Digital Audio | eBay

Thief III has an option to activate sound card hardware features. If a mains socket is not grounded, a discharge may burn your card’s inputs and outputs, when you hot-plug it. Write a comment below. So the relay was replaced with jumpers to increase audio quality. Prodigy drivers are a successful attempt to create a multimedia card with drivers from professional cards.

Advantages of the X-Fi will not be used only in those games, where sound is processed solely by a game engine, no features of the sound card driver being used. Music lovers all over the world have been looking forward to a high end sound card without unnecessary bells and whistles, like effects and multiple channels. Just like in case of the Prodigy7.


AUDIOTRAK Prodigy Hd2 Black Edition PCI Sound Card 2ch Digital Audio

We were right to expect them. It’s not very easy to detect such driver bugs by ear. When this option is not enabled, there appears a HF cut. As for today, we’ll speak audiotak Prodigy HD2. So you should pay attention to spectrums only. Video 3Digests Video cards: When hardware acceleration is disabled, both cards produce all the sounds.

Analog input level cannot be controlled.

For this purpose we used a passive stereo switch with twin resistive attenuators to adjust the signal level. If you have a reasonably priced amplifier and speakers, you will hardly notice any differences between these interfaces.

You can safely install Audiotrak Prodigy HD2. There is no game support.

When connected to another device, all noises do not go to the ground, but through analog outputs to the ground of the other card. ASIO was a pleasant surprise. However, new buyers looking for a high-quality line-out and headphones-out should pay close attention to this card.

Delivery time is about one month. It’s impossible to test all games with all patches, you can only lower the risk by using a gaming sound card. EQ with notch filters may come in handy for Hi-End systems – to suppress environment modes at low frequencies.


Following this logical path, a perfect card for this group of users should comprise a very simple bus controller, the best DACs and OpAmps, and RCA outputs.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: XP allows to disable rate automation in the control panel and specify a necessary rate manually.

We can see that it does audiotrrak work well, perhaps this optimization works better in Japan and Korea. If you choose a PSU with removable cables, you may make then longer and put inside a shielded pipe.

It’s caused by the “Enable High Frequency h2d kHz ” option in the config tabbed page. Another advantage of this card versus the m is its built-in preamp for headphones. We noticed no differences between the cards with our monitors.

It’s a very good chip. Juli does not have a headphones output, but it can work with low-ohm load. You won’t hear the interferences in a common situation.