I try to connect my nexus 7 with blackberry but it didn’t work, bluevpn said: Show posts by this member only Post 6. Many thanks for a great app! There was no application log error, so I am unable to post it. I would be grateful for your response. Then iI will inform my forumer about it. Enter on the above form the data you see on your ‘crippled’ screen.

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Ya it was answered already.

Click Next, and the Bluetooth software will search for any detectable Bluetooth devices in the area. Look at all my stars!! The problem seems to be a complete lack of option for ‘use for internet access’ in my n7 menu.

If we can add the Mac guide here then already perfect. Reboot both phone and pc after installation. I am using celcom unlimited plan Thanks.

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Jul 18 Bad address or bt socket closed read return -1 and it doesn’t connect to internet. Please install the version 2.

Added on June 25,5: So still unlimited or up to 6GB? Here you go, ready for wall of text.

How to setup Bluetooth Internet Tethering on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

Here’s part of log: Hi, I am getting an error: Jun 26 I’ve manged to enter a random digit as a PIN to the dialog before it was closed and the vpn connection was successfully created giving me the internet access through the phone. Can I use this as a modem to tether to ipad 2? Apr 21 Feb 5 Tether limit is calculated on daily cycle rite if im not mistaken.

Zoltan Seboek May 8, at 3: Do you have any feedback from people who was able to tether an N73? Hi Mirko, Im the new guy to this forum. Jan 1 Apr 19 You can find out how to update your software here.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 support.

I am trying to connect to my Nokia E but it never gets past modem negotiating. Select Standard Modem and click Properties. Marco November 14, at 9: I suspect those apps rely on the ‘status message’ instead of actually checking for a connection. Lauri September 16, at 1: Aug 3 Sep 11 I got a nexus 7 with 4. Mar 11 And also can’t find Create a new connection using the New Connection Wizard.