HTC ‘s performance ratings are 8. Captures a still image and gives you the option to immediately assign it to a Photo ID for a contact. Manage screen settings The device touch screen has three orientation modes: I have dropped it on all four corners and each one is riddled with cracks. Press to turn off your device temporarily and switch the device to sleep mode; The essential variable in this last scenario, of course, is the fact that the screen turns off for extended phone calls.

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Cingular 8125

ActiveSync can also synchronize over a wireless or cellular network with Microsoft Exchange Server, if your company or service provider is running Microsoft Exchange Server with Exchange ActiveSync. Copy the selected text. It’s a little too heavy, but otherwise a great product.

Indoors it looks great, though outdoors, glare is noticeable. Both the letters and symbols illuminate: Chapter 1 Getting Started 1.


The was managed by a scroll wheel. Page 89 Cookies are small files containing information about your identity and preferences so that a page can tailor information to your needs.

Page To set a picture as the Today screen background You can cingulaar a picture as the background on the Today screen.

I cijgular very little in terms of noticeable performance difference between the MHz and the MHz Apache. Page Outgoing server settings: If you plan on using the phone in areas of OK to excellent reception, the will work out just fine.


Enter a new name for the partnership. The Wizard has them poorly illuminated and sandwiched between the top row of keys and the screen. This control Does this Skips to the beginning of the current file or to the previous file.

To download messages from the server To send and receive e-mail messages for an e-mail account that you have with an Internet Service Cingu,ar ISP or that you access using a VPN server connection typically a work accountyou first need to connect to the Internet or your corporate network, depending on the account.

Audio clarity and call volume is quite good.

Page 55 Chapter 4 Synchronizing Your Device 4. For such a small part that is easily lost, I am 1825 at a loss as to why they wouldn’t stock these in their retail locations. The phone is powered by a Lithium Polymer Cinglar battery. You can also take notes while talking, dial directly from Contacts, and easily copy SIM contacts to Contacts on the device.

Icon Description Messaging Sends and receives e-mail and text messages. You can, in fact, actually hold it up against your head without feeling like a moron, but most people will 8215 prefer to use a Bluetooth headset or handsfree system. Tap on the WiFi icon in Comm Manager to turn on WiFi and the Windows Mobile Connection Manager a part of the OS takes over and notifies you of available access points or automatically connects you to one you’ve used in the past if it’s in range.


Compact, attractive and well built.

Quick view Screen Size. When you slide the keyboard out, the display automatically switches to landscape orientation it takes about 2 seconds to do so.

Cingular Reviews, Specs & Price Compare

If you’re looking for decent performance other than video playback and Skype reliability at this pointand crave great battery life by PPC phone standards, the Cingular should be on your short list. By default, it will open My Sounds folder. Download a free PDF copy of the Cingular user manual here.

It seems something in the registry was changed and IE along with Netfront picked up the proxy settings for the MEdia Net connection and tried to apply them to WiFi, which will not work. Take a look at our review of the i-mate K-JAM an import version of the Wizard released last Fall and you’ll notice the difference. Battery life, compared to feature phones, don’t earn Pocket PC phone’s bragging rights. Page If Auto configuration is unsuccessful or you have an account you access using a VPN server connection, contact your ISP or network administrator for the following information and enter it manually: You can also can create new workbooks and templates on your device.

Closes an archive file.