This is a straightforward and fair result for both parties. There has been restoration work underneath with newer exhaust. An unusual, somewhat obscure but desirably equipped bit of Mopar history. Light cracking in the seats front and back, but mostly well preserved original interior. Very good, partly restored interior with green plaid. Lightly scratched door handles.

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Represented as single family owned and fully restored in the early s.

A prime car for Mustang collectors. A less handsome short tail fin Alpine, plus it is in rough but salvageable shape. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, colorsiit Downloads: It was fairly bought at this price.

Count Broncos among the coming things as Land Cruisers cool off. The premium for its originality was a lot bigger this time around but not entirely undeserved. Rough original paint and chrome. A rare 4-speed in great colors and ready to show. There is rub through in the paint cooorsit a few spots and paint coming off the fenders.


Very good paint and chrome, but kb-825 is fresh and there are some detail scratches. Even at this price this is a sound value in a quality, carefully and freshly restored GSX. Very clean engine bay. Multiple Top Flight awards in the back.

Represented with miles, still has plastic on the seats, and presents like a new car. The seats are at least in good shape. Presentable but tired paint. Every auction has one, or two, or three, or four and supply really does mitigate demand and price. Very good, partly restored interior with green plaid.

Charming, but has plenty to pick on and there are likely quite a few better ones on the market, but the new owner will have to be brave to drive it on streets full of Suburbans and Expeditions. Recent timing belt, water pump and tensioner service.

Light road wear underneath. Dull switchgear and worn seats on the inside.

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This is a fair price for a in this condition, so both parties should be satisfied. This is an offer that was imprudently declined. Lots of scratches, cracks and discoloration, the interior, by contrast, is quite good with only light wear on the seats. No representation of service history. It has low miles but no history, no service history and mismatched brand tires, the sign of an expediently and carelessly maintained car. Top dollar paid, and it bought a top quality Shelby.


Dull older chrome and original grille. Dull brightwork and paint with several small scratches, chips and cracks. Older partially restored frame. Restored 10 years ago and showing its age, but still an attractive big fin Caddy in interesting colors.

Mecum Auctions, Harrisburg, August 2-4, 2018

Pretty tired-looking body side trim. Crazing and cracking on the trunk lid. Datum UTC 03 Februar Showing 2, miles and looks like a new car top to bottom, inside and out.