Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Upgrading to Mac OS Market-leading brand name Wacom guarantees quality and satisfaction Stylus is balanced, comfortable and needs no batteries or charger A great way to try a graphics tablet for anyone who has never used one before. What could I do next? Using my CTH on Win10 right now and it works just fine. Mac OS X Submit a new link.

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Updating to the newest Windows 10 Fall update? Changing the Wacom driver will not make any difference on how Windows Ink functions have been changed by Microsoft.


Because I don’t know how to proceed in order to use my tablet. Also I tried downloading bamboo dock manually but it gives me this message every time i try I honestly don’t know where I’m going wrong, I tried downloading the wacom CTH drivers with windows 8 ctu-470k, and i couldn’t find the device in device manager but if I need to provide more pics for help I will do so.

New driver released for Mac Driver 6. Image 1 of 3.

Wacom CTH issues, help? – Wacom Forum – Wacom Europe GmbH

A simple tap of your finger will select cth-4770k icon, open a menu or start an application. Search for “tablet,” “wacom,” and “bamboo” on your PC to make sure you get it all. Log in or sign up in seconds. This is the correct driver to use: If you have seen an error on this page, please let us know. Then restart Windows, attach the tablet and install the driver.


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Windows 10 and Bamboo CTH self. Download drivers and release notes here: Bamboo is both Mac and PC-friendly and designed for left and right-handed use. The are a variety of right click problems which started in the Win10 Start Menu and needed us to disable Windows Ink. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch 4 x 6 (CTH) The perfect tool for your digital life | VillMan Computers

Please see the instructions found on our support page here. You can also use the tablet as a touch pad, complete with multi-touch gestures cth-47k as pinch-to-zoom and minimise all applications. I don’t have a guarantee but if I find my old Wacom pen if it matches the comparability the other poster left I don’t mind sending it to you.

With multiple fingers, you can rotate an image or document, flip through a presentation. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. If no new driver is forthcoming by the time the cth-470l get to the ctb-470k I need a new tablet it will not be a Wacom Tablet I purchase! Right click in on a Favourites entry for example The driver stops working and I lose Touch and Wacom Preferences will not open with error message.


Getting your ideas down onto a computer is easier than ever before with the Wacom Bamboo Pen Graphics Tablet. More information can be found here: Check the Wacom Desktop Center for the update notice. This Bamboo with pen and touch functionality allows you to impress in your work.

Two sensors for pen and Multi-Touch input Support of Multi-Touch gestures to scroll, zoom, rotate, and more Pressure sensitive pen tip and eraser for natural feel Battery-free and ergonomic pen with two buttons Paper-like tablet overlay with This community is about pressure-sensitive digital pen devices and everything related.

Other useful abilities include being able to lock the pen to one screen with the press of a button – useful for multi-monitor setups.

If you’ve installed anything previously for this or any other tablet, uninstall it all and restart. EDGE now has right click problems, it does not work for some functions and I need to use a different device. Once you’ve tried using ctu-470k in Photoshop, you’ll never go back to a mouse again!