Performs a synchronous wait on this fence. I also tried this on the latest release of Debian and had the same issue. When a parallel port driver is forcibly unloaded, or a parallel port becomes inaccessible, the port driver must call this function in order to deal with device drivers that still want to use it. Call fn for each devres of dev which is associated with release and for which match returns 1. Make sure your onboard sound device or sound card is the first device listed:. Thus, you should call this function at the end of the initialization of the card.

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This handler does whatever needs to be done to the hardware to acknowledge the interrupt for PC-style ports there is nothing special to be done. The Soc-Camera Drivers Iterate over the all linked substreams to the given substream. The cx18 driver Parameters void no arguments Description This function is executed with one CPU on-line and disabled interrupts. The device will be assigned to the card and managed together by the card. The memory associated with the platform data will be freed kerne the platform device is released.

Dx2388 from ” https: While not ideal, it is not an issue of correctness since the normal rebalancer logic will correct any discrepancies created by racing against the uncertainty of the current priority configuration.


V4L/DVB (13090): cx25840: Init PLLs properly for CX2388[578] A/V cores [Linux 2.6.33]

Note that the callback can be called from an atomic context. Using with lircd 4. After waiting for a given time this puts a job in the kernel-global workqueue on the specified CPU. The string must ekrnel null-terminated, and may also include a single newline before its terminating null.

Release all resources in the group identified by id. If already set, participate in the existing group stop. Control will return to the caller some time after a full rcu-sched grace period has elapsed, in other words after all currently executing rcu-sched read-side critical sections have completed.

This routine provides no locking to prevent the driver it returns from being unregistered or unloaded while the caller kefnel using it.

CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_BLACKBIRD: Blackbird MPEG encoder support (cx2388x + cx23416)

It must not be called from interrupt contexts unless the timer is an irqsafe one. Returns false if work was kwrnel on a queue, true otherwise. Either way a reference for the returned object is taken. In addition, as stated above, tuning digital channels with the cx88 driver does not require cxalsa and can be accomplished by configuring a channels.


If using the non device model: If no kset is assigned to the kobject, then the kobject will be located in the kerne, of the sysfs tree. At the lowest level, every device in a Linux system is represented by an instance of struct device. Multiple frontends are supported: This is accomplished as follows:. The device model represents the actual connections between buses and the devices they control. This helper function creates and names a kernel thread. Return false if group stop is already cancelled or ptrace trap is scheduled.

The following text from Kay Sievers offers some insight:.

Gentoo Wiki Archives – Hauppauge_WinTV_HVR

Removes a dump device from the system. This prepares the device for use by other layers by initializing its fields. Returns true if work was successfully queued, false if it was already pending. Performs a synchronous wait on this fence.

Create a platform device object which can have other objects attached to it, and which will have attached objects freed when it vx2388 released.