Hellence December 5th, at Martin May 4th, at There is currently no support for the device neither via fprint , thinkfinger , or any other project. The laptop is a Dell Latitude E It is very conspicuous that I dont get a menu-point for the reader, there are only items for fingerprintreader and one for TPM status. Optionally, a friendly name can be given for the account “SFR Account” below.

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The laptop comes with a small 6 pins IEEE interface. Do you know how can congacted access the information inside in a read mode? On openct side, some configuration is also required to make it aware that this specific USB reader is supported via one of the internal reader driver, more specifically the ccid driver.

Linux on Dell Latitude E

Under Debian, s2ram is provided by uswsusp packages:. This means creating one with specific parameters connection type, APN name, This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 13th, at The drivers for this device are not installed.

My problem now putting a certificate on the card so that it will work with bitlocker. In DOS prompt execute ushfw….

How to enable PC/SC support for Dell Contactless Reader

For iClass cards, the CSN is not used for authentication, but instead a number stored in the cards application memory area is used. I have the same problem with my E 64 bit. What specific cards is supported by the contacted smartcard reader? Dodot January 14th, at Deemi September 18th, at At the time of writing, after having installed opensc and openct packages and their dependenciessome small configuration steps are still needed to be able to interact with the card.


But I got this. The card is only accessible via the common CCID interface of the broadcom reader.

Windows 7 IT Pro. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Finally I found the solution!

Broadcom USB Smart Card reader not working

The annoying thing with 6 pins IEEE interfaces is that they do not provide power to the device: Install a Hardware Device Driver using Compatibility Mode Right now, we are in a unique situation since we are using an operating system that is still in the pre-release phase.

Now, we need to issue some AT commands in order to configure the modem unlock the SIM, activate the antenna, set account parameters, ask for Packet Switched mode, Check with the computer manufacturer for updated drivers for that device. Possible values are documented on the AT commands page:.

I expect the setup to be fairly similar if you use Ubuntu but you’ll have to investigate required changes when needed. Using that designation and the Service Tag of the device 8LJ I ended up on that page which seemed to match my search. Also I am not able to locate the place to insert a contact one.


When I try to set device to the active radio mode message appears: However, they both said that no driver was found. As pointer to me by Klaus Meyners, there is a more recent version of broadcom USH smaetcard version A11 is available elsewhere on Dell’s servers, more precisely here.

I was able to activate both smartcard readers on my last Laptop a M and today it also worked for my new M! Once you have grabbed the bios.

Thanks to Lars Wilhelmsen for pointing that to me and shame on me for smaartcard time it took me to update the page. With a recent kernel currently a 2. Then, you need to select the newly created option:. Being presented with the password prompt for the PIN smartcard’s discovery and reset processtyping the smartcard’s pin and waiting for the ssmartcard process via the smartcard to occur before the ‘date’ command is executed take 14 seconds with the BCM