Or rock n sound? Just look at the last few weeks worth of announcements. Multi-functional touch sensitive jog disc. Miss the platters, but it works for me. As a business don’t you think if ANY of these companies felt there was money to be made in ANY given product don’t you think they would jump on it? Thanks for or not listening As quick as people started saying they were willing to pay for the update they decided to bring in Pitch N Time.

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Of course with mapping for SDJ comes man hours, but we users are willing to pay, at least most of us are. Moderator, Denon employee response: Keep our fingers crossed.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

The amount of times it was misspelled was staggering! Why not do the petition like mentioned by I believe Mistral?

TBH I don’t even bother taking stabs at 19″ setups anymore as even the customers know they are old news. They just keep us waiting. You are forgetting that the vast majority of mobile DJ’s are using tabletop controllers.

Denon Dn-hc4500 USB Midi DNHC4500 4500 Controller

I purchased Serato video too and an ardent supporter of Serato. Windows 7 dnon also give you considerably improved system performance over Vista, which is a very ‘bloated’ and resource-hungry Operating System. As a matter of fact THIS is one of our selling points.

Recent Drivers  ENM232 - 6VIA DRIVER

Remember the Rane MP3 fiasco we had? From there I have had: It will help them gauge how many people would benefit from going ahead with this idea. Same as the Rane Mp4 and Denon Hd support.

Press the parameter knob to save. In recent years Denon needs all the help they can get so this should look like a big juicy steak to them over there.

I have been a Serato user ever since. I have a Windows 7 machine. A loyal customer is NOT just a customer who has had the software the longest.


It’s all about numbers and hopefully you could rally up way more support than was seen here. I think it’s all about the right tool for the job and I also think the DS1 fills a void that was sorely needed. It did dennon for SSL.

It wouldn’t kill me to learn other software I know it is easy to call the new devices “toys” because they are unfamiliar to you but please remember two things. Please Serato Thanks deejdave for your support and suggestions. I need support for a 19″ controller. So set it up Serato. Hey musiclee remember the Rane MP4 issue “poof” its gone. Ye I have the Rane MP25 But doesn’t have enough “xtra” buttons for programming and doesn’t have an endless encoder for library scroll Bummer, otherwise I’d use Mp25 mixer as a controller as well.


I really can’t stand this dead silence from Serato team.


I really want the hc to be the solution. How to enable video crossfading with the Denon X or X mixer To enable X-control for video crossfading with the Denon X or X mixer, you will need to do the following: I’m a Dj with over 30 years in the business and i’ve played with almost everything from vinyl to MP3’s.

Anyone hit up dennon about this? I used to use it with my Traktor Kontrol X1 prior to the midi lighting update.

Once converted, I didn’t really wanna go back to a dual cramped CD player.