After this DScaler should work immediately but if not you can try a reboot. Recently it did work, but then I did a lot of test with 2 different TV cards and A and different drivers. Note that simple linking to our site is not enough. I get dropped frames? I remember that if you find all those entries, on may have an ‘invalid’ or ‘not available’ note on it. DScaler can repair most problems with the driver.

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If the source has no interlace information it is defaulting to progressive. Thu Apr 10, 4: If you can’t find one when you’ve been asked for one don’t worry just inform the developer that one was not created.

What does not work?

Sep 10, Posts: If your card came with a remote control, you can use software like EventGhost to control DScaler. One thing that I’ve noticed that only seems to happen when I am playing video games, is occasionally the screen will flash black, just for an instance, like a frame, but it only seems to happen under video games.

Detected old driver version, rerun setup xscaler We’ve loaded up the wrong version of the driver Attempting to uninstall NT driver. Generally, if you have a low or mid-end PCI card, which will almost always use either the bt8x8, cxx, or saax chipsets, it will be supported.


It will usually fix it if you search through the registry and delete any entries containing dTVdrvnt. It provides the user with a level of image quality unknown to PC owners until now.

Next time I start Dscaler: I think just this is the yardware The other appeared to be some sort of reference to the older version of dTV that I had installed. Thu Sep 27, 5: You will be presented with a dialog box. Of course, if you want to improve DScaler’s video recording, there’s nothing stopping you!

Can I use more than one video input? Go to the download page and get whatever the newest release is. Oct harddare, Posts: Note that the deinterlacer is only applying on the viewed image, captured content is always the raw input stream.

DScaler – SDA Knowledge Base

Im not sure about lots of games if they are using x or x Having said that we will be pleased to accept fixes for any card but are not in a position to add support for new cards ourselves. If you still get some message about e.

Recent Drivers  GWA-4080N DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Introduction What is DScaler? More and more people are giving DScaler a try. This is what Mark Rejhon has to say about this: He released a plugin for bTV that was doing realtime 2: I have never noticed any relationship between the screen content i.

Another WinTV Thread – dscaler refuses to start

Anyway, I tried deleting with service controller but it didn’t work, the returned mesage was something like ‘unable to Or what does DScaler do, so I can maybe reproduce the Error ‘by hand’. DScaler is an amazing piece of software. These chips are easy to program there has been A LOT of software based on those and are very cheap. I’ve never had it crash, but I guess this is still a consideration.

Im using for recording sound card, card has some line in jack, but in Scaler Audio settings is only TV tuner audion, which i guess is ignored with S-Video, Composite recording.