Mass Storage Function, version: How the user can provide configuration parameters to device drivers loaded as modules. Local Loopback inet addr: I requesting port GPC[] Attempting to program mux gpc[ What is device initialization? Interaction between user space and kernel during device initialization and configuration. Device initialization is doing whatever steps are required to bring a device into a working state.

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I requesting port GPC[] Attempting to program mux gpc[ Now its in boot loop. Setting MAC address to Without those I doubt you will get anywhere.

How virtual devices differ from real ones with regard to configuration and interaction with the kernel. PowerDVD 12 is the ultimate entertainment software you need anywhere at initializafion and on-the-road?

Do you know another way to initialise other than flashing a stock rom in ODIN initialzation so far every rom I’ve tried gets stuck in boot loops.

What SoC is used in it?

Gct device initialization driver – kx drivers v

If you got a NAND dump then you most likely can flash it if bootloader is working. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.


How can I do a similar procedure apart from an Odin stock image flash? Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

This one worked for me. Regardless of the pop up that says device initialization is no longer available, it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated! This device is weird Looking at the datasheet of this SoC at This is a cost effective LTE wifi solution You need really the gpl sources for this device. After trying a few times to get the correct ROM which is hard to get as theres nowhere official to get it from that I know of and downloading is slow.

Devices on the SoC from the logso you need driver sources for this gdm-i2c gdm-uart, maybe you can use “generic” uart here gdm-nand gdm-rgmii, gigabit ethernet gdm-pinmux controler gdm. Freeing unused kernel memory: So, newer versions of Samsung Smart Switch do not offer the option for “Device Initialization” anymore. Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. Recent versions of smart switch automatically update to newest version and older versions installation always fails.

Sign up using Facebook. Thanks for the link to the version with initialise! Can’t use Instagram Stories on Oreo. This really sucks since Odin does not completely restore everything. Device initialization is doing whatever steps are required to bring a device into a working state. Email Required, but never shown. Are you a developer?


No “device initialization” tab on Smart Switch?!

Cgt the official download link for the last version with device initialization function: However, because this book is concerned only with the networking aspect of such initializations, I The secret to her speed 3D3D” Edit ” What a piece of junk. I requesting port GPD[] Attempting to program mux gpd[7: Testing write buffer coherency: The useful distinction here is that it tends to be a sequence of actions in which the computer provides configuration data to the device, sometimes sequencing it from a reset state to a particular usable state.

I am affraid that there is no support in kernel for this SoC and no datasheet.