Page Copying a VolumeYou can copy a master volume or a snapshot to a new standard volume. Unfortunately with the D it looks like 4 is the max: Check it regularly to monitor the status ofyour system. Select the volume to rename. Page world wide name WWN A unique bit number assigned by a recognized naming authority often via block assignment to a manufacturer that identifies a nodeprocess or node port. On the Event Notification Summary page, for each category you want to be notifiedof, select a notification method.

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Type a new username. For information about time-zone offsets, see http: The password is case sensitive and can include 19 characters.

SMU also includes monitoring and diagnostic features that enhance the reliability,availability, and serviceability RAS of your storage system.

If you have the proper role to perform an action, a link to theassociated page is displayed; otherwise, the name of the associated page and therole required to access it are displayed. The eventmessage reports the number of: Your license determines the maximum value. The default is Enable.

For example, if 10 events can display at a time and 15 are pending then the pop-upwindow shows the first 10 events and clicking the Acknowledge button will showthe remaining events and new events that might have occurred. Page To enable and use Enclosufe Vdisk: Expansion begins and the percentage completed is shown. Enter network information in the fields. Page 72 Critical — Either the virtual disk is being scsii or reconstructed; or, onedrive is down or missing in a RAID 1, 3, 5, 10, or 50 virtual disk; or, twodrives are down in a RAID 6 virtual disk.


This page provides a graphical representation of controller host port status and portdetails. Set Partner Firmware Upgrade to Disabled. Adding Global SparesYou can designate a maximum of eight global spares for the system. Set the following options: The default file name is store.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Page Viewing Enclosure DetailsTo view enclosure details: Disk Space Usage StatisticsAs an Advanced user, you can view information about overall disk space usage forall disk drives in the storage system.

Page world wide name WWN A unique bit number assigned by a recognized naming authority often via block assignment to a manufacturer that identifies a nodeprocess or node port. When the modifieddata is deleted, the snapshot data reverts to the original data that was snapped. Page Setting Snap Pool Policies and ThresholdsEach snap pool has three policy levels that notify you when the snap pool isreaching decreasing capacity.

For a system using loop topology, the following figure shows how port WWNs andmapped volumes are presented if controller B fails.

A normal frame can contain bytes. Note — If a disk drive has failed or malfunctioned, it might not be listed. Page Some guidelines to keep in mind when performing a volume copy include: A common storage platform allows for future storage consolidation to the SAN. When a PHY has been disabled manually, the event log shows a similar messagewith a different reason: This canoccur when drives containing a vdiskare inserted from an enclosure havinga different FC loop ID.


Caution — Do not turn off or restart the system during this process. If the critical event category is selected, allcritical events cause a notification regardless of the individual critical eventselection.

They have beenremoved from the configuration. RASReliability, availability, and serviceability.

HPE 3PAR NULL INF for SCSI Enclosure Device

Page Reconstructing a Virtual DiskIf one or more drives fail in a redundant virtual disk RAID 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, or 50 andproperly sized spares are available, the storage system automatically uses the sparesto reconstruct the virtual disk. See Fibre Channel FC. Viewing Disk Drive Types and Ph VersionsTo view the firmware version revision and type of each disk drive in eachenclosure connected to the system, do either of the following: