In terms of raw processing power, the FirePro V should have been enough to put the Q in either second or third place. Over the years, I have used many dual-socket systems, and it seems that overall, systems sporting a dual-socket motherboard with both CPU sockets filled seem to boot up slower than single socket systems, regardless of the number of CPU cores within each CPU. For comparison, we also tested the following systems: We’re taking our second excursion into enterprise-class desktop territory with the kind of machine that should be of interest both to IT management and enthusiasts alike: It is currently the most popular GPU-accelerated renderer on the market today.

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With those speeds this is a great drive for the operating system and video editing.

HP Workstation z Specs – CNET

You can download it here. However, rendering scales very well with number of cores, so no quad-core can stand up to a six-core CPU, let alone a dual-socket workstation with multiple quad or six-core CPUs.

The DDR3 runs at an effective 1. Log in Don’t have an account?

The best part is, this computer is cheaper than most previously reviewed computers while performing just as well or in some cases better! While the Quadro performs adequately in light-to-medium scenes, with only 1GB of RAM, it struggles with denser scenes. HP Proprietary Motherboard with C chipset.

The company cited increasing competition and low margins as its main reasons for wanting to sell off the PSG. In terms of raw processing power, the FirePro V should have been enough to put the Q in either second or third place.

Recent Drivers  XEROX 7245 DRIVER

HP Z210 CMT Workstation Review

For the avid video editor the configurable models can help one find the perfect fit for their needs. The case weighs in at np. If you compare a vendor-built system to a self-built system with identical specifications, the cost difference will be quite small. So what do you get for your money?

Unlike Mudbox, ZBrush performs quite well on the Z Highlights z20 updates to the Niagara FX and animation tools, and a new ‘Pixel Streaming’ system. The following benchmarks show average viewport frame rates for rotating, panning, vertex and face editing for each model displayed. UK severely restricts DJI drone flights due to reports of mid-flight malfunctions.

The biggest of these, and one primarily relevant to individual users, is that while most CG professionals are tech-savvy, not everyone has the ability or desire to go through the headaches of putting their own system together. As shown here, a more expensive computer does not always lead to a huge performance boost when encoding video. The Z is my primary software test machine, so it has double the number of software packages installed on it compared to the Z It is a full-featured 3D modeling, animation and rendering package.

The CineBench CPU benchmark is highly optimized for multi-threading, so core counts win out over clock speed.

HP Z Convertible Minitower Workstation Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

The first of these is acoustic performance. The Windows Experience Index places this computer on z120 with the Elitebook W with the only difference being the graphics card.


GPU benchmark results are similar, with the Quadro in the Z taking first place and the GTX in the Core i7 system taking second, although this time, the Q system? I assume this has to do with the fast SSD that is used as the primary boot drive, as SSDs offer vastly superior read performance over their spinning-media cousins. Cjt filters and effects are single-threaded, so again, the Z takes first place with its 3. The last time we reviewed a desktop workstation was our Dell Precision T ; as you’ll see there were some changes made here.

Please enter your name here. Despite this, I have had requests from readers to include CineBench results, so it is the one synthetic benchmark I include. Next we have boot-up time.

HP Z210 SFF Workstation: Serious Power in Cramped Quarters

If you feel that there are any aspects of the testing process that have been overlooked or need to be expanded on, feel free to post suggestions in the comments. Although the Z is targeted at entry-level animation work, in reality, np with the right graphics hardware, it could tackle much more substantial CG tasks.

The system comes with a single case fan, and because of this, produces very little noise.