Metabrokers and Bridges Setup File. Monitor switches The monitor logs are most useful if certain DB2 switches are enabled. WebSphere Federation Server offers access to many relational and non-relational data sources. The following commands may generate log files and atrifacts to collect: Characteristics The database lock timeout symptoms are similar to the deadlock symptoms. Client Tier – Windows only. Property files that are in the Application Server classpath.

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Configuring the ODBC driver and creating the data source (Linux and UNIX)

Client Machine, Information Server classix. By searching the knowledge base, you can quickly find workarounds or solutions to problems. These also will exist on each cluster member. These requirements are in addition to the general collection requirements discussed in Collecting Information Server information: You must specify the name of the file to be produced when you print the log.

Collect all files inside the project folder and subfolder with the Job number.

Greenplum Connector Message Reference includes the messages that are returned by the Greenplum connector. SC 00 SC 00 SC 00 Troubleshooting Guide supplies information about how to proceed when certain common faults occur while installing, configuring, and using InfoSphere Information Server. When you use the ODBC wrapper to connect to a Classic federation data source on the zLinux operating system, the number of connections is limited to 1.


Parallel Job Advanced Developer’s Guide contains information about designing parallel jobs in InfoSphere DataStage specifically for advanced job designers. To restart the ASB Agent, after enabling or disabling the trace.

Installing the ODBC client

Increase the detail included in the client side log files. Start the wizard using the installation program that corresponds to the operating system. Provide the input to the above job.

Provide a replication scenario. Depending on the product and the Information Server component that you are using, there may be product-specific or component-specific information that you will also need to collect. The core file will now be produced and can be found in the project directory.

Specify the “detailed” option in the print dialog.

Debugging directory If a job fails consistently, and you can edit the job, collect a Debugging directory for the job. The exported Job Use the Director’s log print dialog to produce a file containing the log of the failing job.

Installing the ODBC client

View all known problems for WebSphere Federation Server. Use the following commands to invoke the standard DB2 collector tool db2support tool: Returns the version of the client.


Provide IBM Support with enough information to identify the scenario that will help troubleshoot the problem. Lists the embedded compile date, time and compilation host name. Modify the following properties to enable tracing: Archive the entire folder. PX Engine information and files to collect The following commands may generate log files and atrifacts to collect: Monitor switches The monitor logs are most useful if certain DB2 switches are enabled.

Create a file named newrepos. For a more detailed debugging log, you can rerun the installation program with the following options AIX korn shell redirection syntax is used as an example:. Scenario sections provide procedural information that relates to an InfoSphere DataStage job.

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Run this command for all tables, views, indexes, and all objects associated with the DataStage job. This document describes problem scenarios that can occur when using XMeta.

Collect all files contained in this directory and its subdirectories. Additional CMT tool artifacts.