During a week I had the cover unfastened ten times, and when worn on you neck it unfastens every two times. I got one of these for christmas over two years ago and it was my first one ever. It seems that the engineers simply take their menu system and drop it into every player iRiver releases, which is a very wise move. What made the company expand to other market segments? Ryan Shaw PC World. And then a couple months ago IRiver beat out the competition by launching the first DataPlay portable.

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The iFP can support three main file formats: All other capabilities are standard: I use it mostly on the construction site. It is ifl to dust, sweat, vibration and just general hard use.

We’re in the country, so the closest station is the one we’ll hear. Depending on the length of the push, you can move from track to track or scan through a track. Although there certainly are things yet to be improved, nothing new will be invented.

Typically, 18t0 player takes a bit of time to load whatever it needs for operation. These again, 18t certain tasks depending on which mode of operation and where in the menu system you are.

iriver iFPT MB MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

Sony’s solutions can be weaker, but those who understand it have already bought a player of the riiver but one generation.

Recent Drivers  ANATEL WM3945ABG DRIVER

A cushy job at a larger outfit might pay more, but I generally side with the little guys. Today we will have a look at the model using flash memory while the DP based one will be examined next time.

On the interstate, it has more range, but not what the Suburban picks up. The iRiver Music Manager, this very useful program, can record everything iifp the player’s memory and extract everything except audio files, reorder a playback sequence and delete files from the player.

The Caption Editor has a richer set of functions than any 108t tag editor as this is a normal Lyrics3 editor. I doubt that it was planned, but the shape also makes the T pleasant to use while working at a desk or table. The difference from other managers of players of this class is only one: Good But Basic MP3 Player My eleven-year-old sister found this iRiver and paid for the auction with her money; her big sister has an mp3 player, so naturally F.

As a result, files get twice greater, and 32 MB of memory can house only 2. And then a couple months ago IRiver beat out the competition by launching the first DataPlay portable.

What could we lose? Roll the 180g once toward you and you’d be looking at three controls: By the way, the company didn’t save on headphones and supplied those from Sennheiser. The combination of design and button layout makes the T very easy to use. The program also integrates a converter for REC files recorded with a microphone or from the air which turns them into standard WAV files. The player is firmware upgradeable through downloads form the iRiver Web site www.


If it were not Zillion, I would think of objective difficulties, but Digital Square copes easily with them. First of all I tested the MP3 section, and what I heard was exactly what they promised. Image not available Photos not available for this variation.

IRiver iFP-180T Manuals

The LCD has plenty to display and it’s right in front of you, sitting at a comfortable angle. It has dimensions of 31x And if you’ve been charmed by the micro players from Panasonic, Samsung, etc.

Besides, all functions can be applied to a separate folder, and because one line on the screen is used only for a current folder, and it would be irrational to ignore it. Skip to main content.

What Hi-Fi?

I 1180t doubt that you’d want to tweak anything that’s not in the menu. Please note the delivery estimate is greater than 8 business days. However, hold it longer and you’re taken to the enormous options menu.