If stability is your primary goal then the MSI should certainly be on your shortlist. We removed the heatsink and were glad to see MSI had the care and attention to use thermal paste as a conduit between the Northbridge and heatsink. MSI, historically, have not paid too much attention to the overclocking community. Affordable And Accelerated With Optane. A vivid red greets you as you open the box.

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Interestingly, on closer inspection of the board, we see markings that indicate FSB CPU operation selectable by jumper. If, however, we were upgrading from an older Socket A platform, we would see no sense in buying a KTA based motherboard.

Bios duty is handled by AMI, version 3. We were frankly astonished at the difference that an improved memory controller along with deeper internal buffers made. Still, with a total of eight USB ports, we’re sure you wouldn’t miss one. The differences are only significant in benchmarking terms, we challenge anybody to ultfa the visual difference between and fps respectively.

Review: MSI KT3 Ultra ARU – Mainboard –

The inclusion of a number of performance-enhancing options seems not to have impacted on MSI’s stability. DVD encoding is another popular pastime of our readers. This, in our opinion, is a strange location.


The results were consistent to within 0. Dolby Vision And Atmos Deliver. The demo we chose was Valley of the Jaguar, one which contains a massive amount of geometry. DVD encoding is another activity that thrives on memory bandwidth. Lenovo Smart Display Review: Overclocking The impressive overclocking options coupled with our new XP processor from AMD ensured that we would be furnished with a reasonable overclock.

MSI KT3 Ultra ARU Motherboard Review

We did run the Live Update during testing and it worked flawlessly. All-in-all, 6380ee has put together a fine package to accompany a fine looking motherboard but we all know that you can’t judge a book by its cover. The better memory optimisations at synchronous mode for the MSI board manage to see it oust the Asus board once more, even though the Asus was clocked marginally higher. It is clear that MSI has taken the extra step here to assure customer satisfaction. It’s always reassuring and confidence inducing to see a motherboard boot-up first time.

Lower Cost, Many Core Beasts. Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Let’s have a look at how our protagonists got on when set to calculate Pi to 10 million places.

Recent Drivers  IRIVER 390T DRIVER

If stability is your primary goal then the MSI should certainly be on your shortlist.

As shown above, we chose the most aggressive options available in testing. The weight of the unopened box is enough to inform you of that. Intel Z Motherboard Round-Up: Features and Installation The extensive specification 638e0 informs you that this board is jam-packed with features. The extensive specification list informs you that this board is jam-packed with features. We’d hazard a guess that the motherboard platform is irrelevant for this test.

As part of our stability testing, we ran SETI. Click to find out more. Let’s illustrate our point pictorially. The KTA boasted an enhanced North bridge with a far more efficient memory controller coupled with deeper memory buffers. We’re using Xmpeg 2. Here we see a tie across the board, it appears that LAME encoding is purely CPU-intensive, an increased mt3 bus seems to have little effect on the results.

Further adjustments are available for the AGP slot.