The goal of Cirrus was to create a high-end card by integrating 3DO’s technology into own architecture. Feb 12, Posts: Lack of own fabrication seemed to stand in a way of further expansion and Cirrus. Experience First big complaint about image quality is broken texture perspective correction. Promised fogging is failing across game suit.

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Cirrus Logic Laguna 5465 PCI Graphic Card 231012

I would say Cirrus did a fine job on thebut something extra was missing to become gamers choice. Unreal just skips lightmaps alone and Laguna is useless for other effects as well. Jun 30, Posts: Then there are games partially giving up on texturing, likely lguna of failure in lightmap phase, those are using or originating from Quake engine, like Half Life and Thief.

It was in similar market segment, and suffered from it’s lagunx blending and perspective correction problems. Up to 4 way interleaving is possible. Pixels are tested by masks and depth comparison performed with 546 by cache, before lighting and blending is processed. The goal of Cirrus was to create a high-end card by integrating 3DO’s technology into own architecture.

Space dust and engine trails in Homeworld are opaque and single color. Anyway, focus then moved onto storage, audio chips and cirrus logic laguna acquisition technology used for communication and industrial applications.


By the end of Laguna3D was ready for mass production, but the specifications were nothing like M2. Even if execution units are designed to process multiple operations in single pass, their inputs cannot be fed fast enough. Laguna3D has pins for second channel already reserved, to maintain the same board layout with future planned products using two channels to double the memory bandwidth.

Thu Oct 02, 4: InfoWorld Media Group, Inc. So there are different opinions whether the company was mismanaged or victim of its own success. All the development process required was a systems engineer who could program and arrange the chips to handle whatever function the product should perform. Thu Oct 02, The company announced in April that it had completed moving its headquarters to Austin, Texas. I hope they pay attention.

By the end of Laguna3D was cirrus logic laguna for mass production, but the specifications were nothing like M2. If you’re in stockholm I could get my brother to pick it up. Initial promotion price of hundred bucks should be a sign that Laguna3D is not so hot performer.

Voodoo Banshee or Cirrus Logic Laguna? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Compatibility with newer game should be minimal, NHL ’99 and Need for Speed 3 cannot be rendered properly. In the early s, Cirrus Logic was a supplier of low-cost PC graphics chips. There are more interesting settings to play lagunaa in Laguna registry, though they seem mostly applicable only for AGP version of Laguna3D.

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Overall Laguna3D claimed performance of more than 50 million “perspective-corrected” textured pixels per second. Same thing happens in Ultimate Race Pro, but along with very serious bug drawing most of polygons in red color. Thank You for Submitting Your Review,!

Apr 10, Posts: Both 2 lagunna 4 MB variants are common. Inside the chips only other obvious improvement is fixed bilinear filter, which I will get to later.

What will and will not work, offhand? Cirrus Logic went public in and accelerated growth through acquisitions among which were Pixel Semiconductor and Acumos.

In between those Cirrus is making a point for AGP. It survives on the fly switch to MHz, but 3d games then quickly freezed PC.