Here are the steps… Start with Google, of course… and for those who need even more hand holding! Your name or email address: Next I will tell you where all the diffrent files on your phone are located. Obviously, the better the picture quality, the larger the file size. Your phone should then turn off and turn back on, if it doesnt do it manually. I do not know if they can be emailed when they are longer than 15 seconds. The animation on the images IS slower.

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The animation on the images IS slower. Click inside that box and type something.

LG VX Support: Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.S.A

Enter the following information: Obviously, the better the picture quality, the larger the file size. What do you think? If the file plays with no problems, then you can skip to step 7. Here is the original thread.

I recommend a bitrate of 32kbps and a sample rate of If it is, click on Add, and the screen should flash. Unfortunately you can’t reply until you log in or sign up. Editing files on your phone will most definately void your ubs.


LG VX5200, LG VX6000, LG VX7000, LG VX8100 stuff

So if your song on the phone ends with qcp then you make sure you name the song on your PC lf qcp. A progress bar on the bottom of the window will indicate that the file is being uploaded. So there could be a lurker in there that smokes your phone.

No, create an account now. If you are successful with using BitPim or Brewsky, then just keep using those. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Send In a few seconds you should see your phone accepting the clip. If that is correct, go back to From PC and once again click on it. VX using BitPim adding images gif, jpg, bmp to vx500 phone: BitPim Version History says: Vs5200 this is done, reboot your phone, and the verizon wireless banner will be gone. I now have all the default ringtones that are on the phone when you buy it from Verizonthe 5 hidden ones, and 5 others that I added myself.

On the V1 phones all data calls used the vzw3g. If you do it this way, you have to delete sounds.


Notice the hsb pictures we just took. The VX phone can handle mp3 files. Using your Mobile2Mobile Minutes to get your voicemail. This is the only way the vx will read a new picture. Now upload the edited eri.

I used a nail filer to file it away, took about 15 minutes.

For maximum bx5200 quality, type in the same frames per second value as the original video clip and drag the track-bar for the data rate to the maximum value on the far right. Any noise caused by low quality will be exaggerated on your phone screen.

You need to upgrade your browser

If anyone finds out, please e-mail me at senalphsarci yahoo. Then scroll to where you want the clip to end and click the last button at the bottom of VirtualDub far right.

You DONT have to rename them to. Your phone is in Spanish mode.