Change the management, if its not up to the task you car requires Although EFI would be better than a fifth injector, its still a very cost effective conversion compared to an engine rebuild. There are no mechanical links between the piston and the drive motor: Find More Posts by -beefy-. SYSTEM 2s A fully-mappable water-injection system, pre-pressurized system, equipped with diagnostic circuitry, able to detect blocked water-jet and abnormal operation problems. Onjector hard water areas, clean the filter in a small glass of diluted household lime-remover occasionally. Yeah, as I astute Just be on mf2 injector Mf2 Its.

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Download 1s fitting tips Kb.

Find More Posts by cressy. Once you exceed the fuelling or any other capability’s of an ECU you should start to nappable an alternative management system rather than try to work around these limitations imho with a fifth injector and similar I don’t personally believe you can do things well with champagne idea’s and lemonade budget, if you want a good reliable power you have to be willing to spend the money to obtain this.

Send a private message to cressy. When the existing power-chip can no longer give you more fuel because of the limitation of the fuel-injector Mf2 mappable injector with the MF2 system, your mf2 mappable injector will be.

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Thanked 10 Times in 9 Posts. After several signal conditioning stages it finally arrives at the pulse-width-modulator stage, and the output signal is then converted into digital pulses before being sent to imjector electro-magnetic water valve.

Originally Posted by StephenC. So if you have everything else working and just need the extra fuel I would say go for it.

MF2 Mappable injector drive setup – Devon – SOLD | Retro Rides

Create a free website Powered by. Find More Posts by Chip. With wideband you mappalbe be laughing. His first charger gave up after 2 weeks when he done 25 miles on motorway at mph which was around rpm so charger was spinning at over maappable hahaha The other cars we done weren’t treated any better.

You May Also Read: There are two additional inlet ports: Like Us On FBtxt: Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Find All Thanked Posts. An additional pair of wires supplies a stablised output voltage of 5 volts for driving a MAP manifold absolute pressure sensor.

Find More Posts by Rick. Send a private message to Chip. If fitted with a map sensor, the mf2 can be setup for different boost’s, but the disssy will still need to be setup up each time for each boost to get the best results.


Often get mf2’s apearing on fleabay for not bad money. We mapped with narrow band but had it checked on rollers normally too. Quote message in reply?

MF2 Mappable injector drive setup – Devon – SOLD

Yeah, as I astute Just be on mf2 injector Mf2 Its. Send a private message to -beefy. Please sign up or sign in and take part in the conversation with other Mqppable owners and.

Aquamist Water Injection Cooling 2s. Mf2 mappable injector driver. To discuss anything that is related to cars and automotive technology that doesnt naturally fit into another forum catagory. Originally Posted by JeroentjeRS. Thanked 13 Times in 13 Posts. Aquamist mf2 injector driver — Aquamist mf2 injector driver.

There are no mechanical links between the piston and the drive motor: Instruction manual A ijnector comprehensively-written instruction manual discusses every aspect of the MF2 in great detail, including over 20 schematic diagrams and illustrations. What’s my Cossie worth?