Run the CapDVHS program that you downloaded in Step 1 above, and select the “Setting” tab to configure the location of saved video files. Also it uses the latest catalyst drivers the is no longer supported by the catalyst drivers. Net, and a full-time single father of 3 with my elderly mother living with me too. BUP file as well. I don’t know if it can be used on. If we could just find a way to make sure VLC gets closed “gracefully” I think we would be homefree. I’m pretty short on free time.

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I ran through the setup with all the default options, then rebooted.

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I suppose it should be very similar. I have not tried the software encoder have you got anywhere with this. All I am doing at psnel time is have the External Recording plugin launch vlc in the backgroung to capture the stream using this parameter dshow: A TV capture card tuner would be a good idea if you want to watch conventional non-digital cable, antenna or dish TV channels.

Essentially, you need to decide who is scheduling the recordings. Thanks for the help guys! From what you say, it sounds like VLC is getting killed but the dshow device is still “being used”. Using the following instructions from a poster in the AVS forum; “I upgraded from a to a and the firewire capture is working for me on the Please trust us, we will never send you spam. I doubt mmotorola using “kill” would make any difference.


For timeshift mode, the recording executable will continue recording until the user exits from the video player or switches channels when GB-PVR will tell External Recorder to kill the recorder app.

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So what does the VLC message log say? I am so close but it is not looking good. Which version of VLC are you using? VLC seems to be fairly sensitive to how it gets closed. You can then have the external recording plugin in GBPVR fire this program with motofola necessary qualifiers channel number, etc.

I do use the firewire ports to change channels and I started playing yesterday with the external recording pnael http: I’ll have to try some others! Besides this, the demands of customers have also set industry standards for what is acceptable, irrespective of what service providers, manufacturers or other stakeholders have to say.

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Does anyone have any experience? I scheduled a couple of shows to be recorded tomorrow so we can see how reliable it is.

The source is available on his home page and although I do not know anything about programing I poke around and it appears it is looking for a Panasonic tuner instead of motorola, Apparantly in the older drivers that is what it was called. Select Cancel on the first device found. Thanks for the info wtg. Pre Command and click on it. I won’t be able to continue my play until later this evening too much Christmas shopping to do but I can’t wait.

Recent Drivers  AR5213A-00 DRIVER

I did fing this on the AVS forum; http: This can be used to change the channel on the box.

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You don’t need that for the close for that you can run vlc directly with the vlc: I can recreate the same problem from within vlc. I can capture manual fine but only started trying the other day to find a way for it to work from GBPVR.

When you select a channel that you have associated with the capture source in “preview” mode it will simply run the app you have specified as the preview executable, so that’s probably not useful for what av/v are trying to achieve. Copyright – All Rights Reserved.

I messed with Comcast HD on demand and got that to record for about 15 seconds. When people make a HD PVR buy, many questions naturally arise given the varying models, specifications and features.