The alphabet following the LF mark shows the kind of lead-free solder. The automatic exposure level can be adjusted to suit your copying needs. Close the front cover and then the side cover by pressing the round projections near the side cover open button. Interface port Network FAX: Page 50 14 Remove five screws and remove the main drive plate and the 16 Remove four screws, and remove the paper guide unit. Fusing section 4 Remove the screw and remove the U-turn guide. Set sensor, scan front sensor 1 Remove the set sensor.

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Misfeed in the paper feed area Gently remove the dc-opia paper from the paper feed area as shown in the illustration. Colors which are easily copied or which are not easily copied are selected.

Drum module Olivetti D-Copia 200D

Page 37 1 Cassette paper feed operation 5 At this time, the paper is fed passed the paper entry detection switch PPD1and detected by it. Sign up for our Newsletter Sign up for our Newsletter: If a misfeed occurs when using the SPF, a number may appear in the display after a minus sign. Assembly Procedure 10 Move the carriage to the position indicated on the figure. Page 77 Main Content code code Image contrast adjustment dpi Used to set the image contrast in each mode.

Recent Drivers  ACPI VEN ENE&DEV 0200 DRIVER

Insert the paper print face down all the way into the multi-bypass tray. The printer or printers connected to the network will be detected. When the settings have been completed, click the “OK” button to close the screen.

To configure the scan settings in Button Manager, right click the icon in the Taskbar ooivetti select “Setting” from the menu that appears. Gently remove the misfed paper from under the fusing unit as shown in the illustration.

Page 4 At the production line, the output power Caution of the d-coipa unit is adjusted to 0. Outline of print process Step Caution, hot surface Cautions on using Follow the cautions below when using this unit.

Developing DC bias Step Copier Olivetti d-Copia Operation Manual pages. Operating procedure When this simulation is executed, warm-up and shading operations are performed and the current setup value is displayed in two digits. Ensure that the power switch of the unit is in the OFF position. Page 38 2 Manual multi paper feed operation 3 When pawl C of the manual paper feed clutch sleeve is engaged with the manual feed latch, the manual feed stopper 1 Before paper feed operation, the manual paper feed solenoid falls and the manual take-up roller rises.

Manual paper feed section sensor PWB. Opivetti agree to receive the newsletter and information about promotions.


Olivetti d-Copia D review – Engadget

Set the original and check the paper size. Copying is being performed. Assembly Procedure 2 Disconnect the connector. To install particular packages, To install particular packages, click the “Custom” Click the “Display Readme” button to show information on packages that are selected.

Be sure to take a few minutes to regularly clean the unit. The performance specification figures indicated are nominal values of production units. Copy magnification ratio adjustment When a mm scale is used as the original. Assembly Procedure 3 Remove four screws, and remove the operation cabinet. Transfer A bias potential is applied to the MG roller in the two component The visible image on the drum surface is transferred onto the print magnetic brush developing method, and the toner is charged neg- paper by applying a positive charge from the transfer corona to the ative through friction with the carrier.

To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Actual wiring diagram A. Remove the protective paper. The indicator blinks in the following situations: Page 20 Set the paper guides to the paper width.