This page was last updated: You can certainly use it in RAW mode, if not for long exposures. Digital Natural Motion to eliminate juddering effects Philips invented Digital Natural Motion to eliminate juddering effects that are visible with moving picture content. Unfortunately it also has a nasty bright white LED lamp to kindly indicate when the camera is functioning any kind of bright light is not good for dark-adapted eyesight! The next thing to do is to replace the normal webcam lens with a 1. It works easily and instantly and is entirely future-proof! It only took about two minutes to do it, and it was dark outside too.

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I’ll definitely be dipping my toes in the imaging pond and am glad there is a range of suitable webcams.

A brief overview of Webcams and Astronomy

Doing this can be helpful when photographing through a dobsonian mounted telescope, but also helps with other types of telescopes with proper EQ tracking the image is stationaryfor example when trying to align the webcam to create a lunar mosaic so as to ensure correct coverage of the target object when multiple images are “stitched” together.

Conversely you should not reduce the Gain too much as doing so spc9900nc result in too much data being condensed into too small a range remember each pixel has a potential 0 to valueand when you process the image later to “stretch” the levels in the image so as to give it more contrast darker blacks and brighter whitesbecause the data was “flattened” by too little Gain or insufficient Exposure, the intermediate data values result in stepped values as they are stretched out, and this gives what is called an “onion-ring” effect in the final processed image.

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So that’s about it really. I am not an expert in everything. The price should have warned you but philipps no excuse the for seller calling it a Pro when it isn’t.

Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. All these different things cooling, heatsinks, fans, peltier chips, high resolutions, and better quality imaging chips soon add to the expense of professionally manufactured astronomy cameras, and this is why some of them can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars!

SPCNC and Logitech Pro and models have been known to perform well because they are equipped with a far more sensitive sensor: Tips for using the Webcam Make things easy to start with. You stay in the center of the image even if you philipss during a video conference.

Here is the lens and philpis after removing both from the body. This camera is perfect for webcasting thanks to the extremely high quality of the ;hilips it takes. I’ve been looking at these for planetary: And the better the camera settings and exposure times are set to give a good spread of data in that 0 to range for each pixel, the more chance you have of dividing out the subtle details of dim objects from the general background skyglow.

Just note this at the beginning of your article and let people to try to remove it first by hands. March 24, at 7: Quick to re-align, quick to re-focus if necessary, quick to hit the capture button! Arthur PS – try this one: Motion detection for reliable home monitoring With the special Motion Detection feature you can record anything that happens in your home while you’re out.

Thanks Eteny…found some IR filter from an old webcam and image results during the day are better.

Philips Webcam

The front lens can be rotated to focus the camera. Posted November 19, Getting the telescope nicely balanced also helps achieve smoother movements and prevents nasty surprises like tipping because the Altitiude CorrecTension knob wasn’t tightened sufficiently! I just received a Logitech Quickcam Pro and it looks like this.


Register a new account. Pixel Plus is a digital picture processing technology that increases the number of lines and the number of pixels.

The insides are nothing like any of the images from the SC1 mod websites. There may also be other options for special features or capabilities specific to that model of webcam which may be useful to control the quality of s;c900nc photos. Please read the Privacy Notice for more information. This webcam has been certified by Skype.

Alternative to Philips SPCNC – Imaging – Discussion – Stargazers Lounge

The shot below shows the focuser removed, but the lens still screwed in place. Gain, Brightness, Exposure, etc. The higher the gain the brighter the image but also you will get more Noise in the image caused by the electronics artificially amplifying the light data from the chip.

You control the zoom entirely via the onscreen interface while you’re looking at the image sp900nc you can adjust it perfectly.

First of all thank sc900nc very much for sharing your knowledge and in such great detail. As mentioned, the Sharp LZn will be slightly noisier than the Sony ICXn sensors, this is more likely to show up in a long exposure frame than in planetary images, and the longer the exposure the more the noise.