That makes the GB model much more desirable as it offers the same read performance as the GB model with twice the write performance of the GB model. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. Intel Core iK running at 3. Dark Rock 3 Case be quiet! How is the SM a better deal?

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Samsung SM951 Polaris 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe High Performance SSD

The SM drives sold by RamCity do include three-year warranties. Distinguishing mvme AHCI and NVMe version from each other isn’t very simple as the difference lies in a single character in the model number.

The interim model primed the market for PCIe-based M. The PCIe model measured 1, There are other potential concerns, though, like the need for an x4 PCIe 3. Our last series of synthetic benchmarks compare the hard drives in a series of server mixed-workloads with a queue depth of ranging from 1 to The drive is listed by a handful of online retailersbut none of them seem to have it in stock yet.


Samsung SM NVMe M.2 PCIe GB SSD Review

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Dark Rock 3 Case be quiet! Amazon shipments could arrive sooner, depending on your location. These figures are slightly better than the PCIe 3.

Earlier this year Samsung’s second generation client PCIe drive, the SMmade an appearance in a Lenovo laptop, but to everyone’s surprise the drive wasn’t NVMe compatible like Samsung had announced earlier.

This means that accesses, reads and writes are many, many times faster Read Nvne.

For tower Mac Pro users the story isn’t as pleasant, though. However, things might be a bit more complicated when using previous versions of Windows operating systems. Please check your hardware is compatible with this type.

Intel Core iK 4—4. Intel SSD 1.

VMworld Europe News Bits. The front side of the drive comes with a sticker, which partially covers the NAND chips.

Samsung SM NVMe M.2 Solid State Drives

Its PCIe counterpart recorded Since both versions of the SM are technically OEM-only, the close naming isn’t really an issue, but if you are shopping for the SM I recommend that you take a close look at the part number before pulling the trigger to ensure that you get the version you are looking for.


Moving to our smaller 4k random transfer benchmarks at QD1, the Samsung SM posted an incredible 13, Image 11 of This was nearly 20, more throughput than the PCIe model. RamCity ships in a branded package inside a bubble bag. Excelero Announces NVMesh 2. What I want to know is did Samsung finally manage to put the label on right side up?

Samsung SM951-NVMe RAID Review

Image 2 of For a small additional fee our customers are provided with complete peace of mind. Samsung has taken an opposite approach by embracing the M.

Image 5 of Please use better graphs. How is the SM a better deal?