Solid feel, flush sound on center hits, nothing too distracting; ball jumps on well-struck shots. The handsy player will snap hook it. Awesome club, the weighting is well balanced and still has that Cleveland launcher feel and pop at impact. After that, I’ll be able to make a final call on whether the TL will make the bag full-time or possibly for windier days. The SL cc is for players who make a more aggressive transition from backswing to downswing, while TL cc targets those guys who prefer to “work” the ball and seek a penetrating ball flight.

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Eliwell TL 310 Digital Thermometer, 1 Input Panel Mount

The smaller head is aimed at better players who want to move the ball around a little more and you do feel more in control of this driver thanks to its shorter shaft. It is an impressive driver and the shaft is great.

Ultralite TL Category: I bought this driver as I am getting older and looking for a little more distance. The premise is to increase swing speed and, naturally, total distance. Kua 39 gl310 shaft Key Technologies: I have not put this on the monitor yet nor do I think I need to. I hit this thing longer and more accurate than guys with inch shafts!!!


Obviously, the most important thing is, how did the TL perform? The worst swing of the day was with hl310 TL on 9, but that was a technology-proof swing that the most SGI driver on the planet wouldn’t have helped.

Cleveland Launcher Ultralite XL 270, Ultralite SL 290 and Ultralite TL 310 Drivers

I am by far hitting it straighter, more penetrating without any ballooning at all, and with less spin the my other drivers. The lightweight design does not suit a handsy player. I’m 65 years old and the Clevland driver is one of the best drivers I have ever hit.

I really like the shaft, it is very solid and overall the driver is very workable. Misses are usually hooks and blocks.

Reviews: Cleveland-Launcher-TLDriver-Golf-Club | eBay

You are using a theme designed for yl310 browser. I wanted to try something lighter but not to light. When you smack it, you can tell you hit it well, but it’s a harder feeling.

The holes where the shots I hit provided the best comparison are 2, 4, 11, 14, and Ultralite SL Category: Have been pleasantly surprised with the performance.

Kua Ultralite shaft looks great in the classic Cleveland gold and is half an inch shorter than the SL Like you, Gl310 found this club is anti-left and very low boring.


Excellent driver, lite weight. Feature an external temperature probe for taking measurements near the source. The firm’s tests reveal that a gram reduction in total club weight increases tl3100 speed by 1 mph.

It’s kind of a cool look and helps a little with tl31. Missed a few on ebay then went to vegas last week and blew all my golf money without even gambling a dime, although seeing Santana was worth it.

Tl301 in or Register with Golfalot. Kua 43 graphite shaft. The Cleveland Launcher Ultralite TL driver is fitted with a smaller cc head which actually looks pretty good. I like this driver a lot, and I’m seriously considering keeping it in the bag, at least part-time. Posted 06 May – Manufactured from ttl310 ABS plastic, this water-resistant instrument is supplied with a rubber boot to provide added protection during routine use.

Posted 30 June – I’ll post the Trackman results and further impressions once I’m able to do that.