Ultimate Box is developed by Vikant Corporation. Other products by Vikant Embroidery. Starts reading from a card. This box does not work with the Pfaff Ultimate box can read designs from other embroidery cards and backup them on your PC, so if something happens to one of your pre-written embroidery cards that you already own, you don’t lose the designs Disney and a few other protected cards can’t be backuped, unfortunately.

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Download and use designs from the Internet often for free or buy them on the floppy or compact disks, then transfer them to your machine with rewritable card included. Unconditional vioant Day Guarantee, plus manufacturer warranty for a year! The full path of current folder is displayed above this panel. Amazing Box and Magic Box will not save anything to your computer, and only download up to 6 designs to the Ultimate cards. You may purchase the card of a different version to be included with Ultimate Box II.

All data on re-writable embroidery card has to be erased before any new information can be written on it. It can also do the opposite, which allows backuping other embroidery cards on PC – great feature!

Embroidery Designs Converter Ultimate Box embroidery software downloads

The following procedure will install Ultimate Box software on your computer and create a shortcut on your Windows desktop. Cart Wishlist Account Login. The box connects with a cable to the USB port of your computer. Copies the designs from the Holding Area to the currently selected folder on your computer. This process may take up to 5 minutes.

Recent Drivers  AMD RS780/M82 XP DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Above this section is the main toolbar and menus. When you have finished adding vikaht to the Holding Area, click the Write to Card action button. The Ultimate Box writes over Click on the link to download software on your computer: The bottom section of the screen is a Holding Area for writing, reading and viewing designs on the embroidery card.

The Ultimate Box writes as many designs to The Ultimate Card as it can hold; fromstitches on Card 1 tostitches on Card 2 tostitches on Card 3.

Ultimate Box+ Menu

The Ultimate Box writes to, and reads from, the following cards: You can ultimahe create a new folder to store the designs using the New Folder tool bar button.

All brand names and product names are trademarks and servicemarks of the respective manufacturers. The Ultimate Box also reads designs from unprotected cards and saves them to the hard drive of your ultimxte. On the top menu bar, select the type of embroidery card you want to write. Make sure the Ultimate box is connected to your computer.


Vikant Corporation is not affiliated with any manufacturers mentioned on this site.

Software Ultimate Vikqnt Version 1. The embroidery card is read and the designs are displayed in the Holding Area. You will need to remove some designs from the Holding Area before you can write to the card.

Choose from Brother Card or Viking Card. Select a design in the File Browsing Panel to preview it. After the destination folder is selected, click the Copy to Folder action button.

It reads and saves designs back to the hard drive of your computer from the above cards and most pre-programmed design cards except licensed design cards. Modify this if desired and click OK.

Ultimate Box+ Menu (Manager)

Directly above the Holding Area is the Action Bar which includes the following options:. Use the Folder Tree to navigate to the desired folder.

The bottom status bar shows you amount of space used on the embroidery card and the amount remaining. As a last reminder, the software will ask you to confirm the Write procedure.