That’s why we spent hours slavishly hunched over the XDJ to find out if it cuts the mustard. Have you tried buying a whole set’s worth recently? Losing your tracks mid-set would be a disaster, so keep everything topped up and a USB stick on hand at all times. It’s the mobile versions that are likely of most interest, so that is what we will focus on here. Pioneer has enjoyed a fairly tight grip on the upper-end of the DJ market, but if you step out of the professional DJ booth, and into the bars and bedrooms, the competition starts to heat up. Back to the bricks and mortar well, plastic and metal hardware, there’s pretty much everything here you need to mix your way up from beginner to gigging DJ.

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Pioneer’s DJ gear might be known for being on the pricey side, but for what it’s worth, the gear is usually solidly built. Maybe use fewer words or a more general search term. First up, this thing delivers fun by the bag load.

From around the web. Sure, this is still strides ahead, feature-wise, than what a standard vinyl setup can offer, and as such, it occupies an interesting spot in the market.

You can use this product to control rekordbox dj software. Now you can open the app on the same device, choose the “Load” option, browse the library adro your device, choose a track and then tell it which deck to send it to.

The XDJ-Aero is a 25 x There’s the other issue of software to consider, also. That’s why we spent hours slavishly hunched over the XDJ to find out if it cuts the mustard. Based on our tests with a Galaxy Nexus, the short answer is Press the Auto Beat Loop buttons to set 1, 2, 4, or 8 beat loops that are precisely snapped to the rekordbox beat grid.


In addition to being able to load music wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs, it also works with rekordbox and the rekordbox app. Ditch the Traktor, wean yourself of Serato, even forget CDs and just get on with the mixing.

XDJ-AERO – Wireless DJ System | Pioneer Electronics USA

Show More Show Less. In fact, we tried again, loading a track, giving it fair chance to cache the whole thing aerp seconds max before activating airplane mode, to make double sure, we then switched the iPad off completely. No interruption to the music. Hardware So, it breaks down like this.

XDJ-AERO – Pioneer DJ – USA

If you want to take your knowledge and skills for using this device to the next level, there is no shortage of video tutorials available online. The AERO will have no problem loading the effects or playback you need on the fly and under any conditions you may encounter. Even then, the XDJ can help out, as a “sync” button which will have purists rolling their eyes will instantly set the track you want to mix at the right speed.

The song loads up on the XDJ-Aero almost instantly and is ready for prime time. The other main issue that we can think of is one familiar to anyone that uses their phone for any such extra activity hot-spotting, for example — battery life.

Or hit Sample Launch to trigger one of 4 pre-loaded samples, then hold it down to launch another. This device also works well as a Midi controller that can be paired with Traktor or other similar software.


We can’t promise the same will happen in all scenarios — in fact, the app itself will tell you to activate airplane mode first, and then re-enable WiFi, and if we were playing anywhere remotely public, we wouldn’t ignore that advice.

One such new feature is “Jog Drum. Likewise, other extended and luxurious features that a software app might — literally — bring to the party, via updates and upgrades will basically not happen here.

The XDJ-Aero does nothing to undermine that rep — the metal top finish, solid response of the buttons and luxurious-feeling faders and caps leave you with no doubt that this is a solid bit of kit that should easily adro the knocks and bumps that come with mobile gigging, or just regular enthusiastic use.

The function is quite simple, but it might appeal to the new breed of finger-drumming digital performers.

Pioneer XDJ-Aero review: a DJ controller that loves music, hates physical formats

Simply buy rekordbox djactivate your licence key, and start DJing. If you’re worried that this might introduce all sorts of potential latency issues, in our tests, a WiFi-loaded track was indistinguishable from one loaded via USB. The only caveat, as often is the case with Pioneer DJ equipment, is the price. However, conversely, if you simply switch the device off after giving it the same time to load the music cuts completely.

Pioneer’s long and established heritage in the post-vinyl DJ world is more than evident here. Facebook Dating expands to Canada and Thailand.